• Business partners with professionals in taxation, business law and in brand design

•  We specialize in bookkeeping simplification

•  Various expertise in business 

•  Expertise in specific accounting for SMEs

•  Knowledge in state-of-the-art technologies on the market

• Broad knowledge of many different accounting softwares or point of sale

• Professionals that have an accurate sense of passion just as much as you do




Victor Lopera


With a technique in accounting and business management at the College of Maisonneuve , Victor Lopera started his path in accounting in the year 2010, since then he has collaborated with a dozen of SMEs businesses in different areas . 

This has given Mr.Lopera an accurate way of identifying common business needs. He realized that there was a specific need in adapted accounting services. In 2015, Mr. Lopera decided launch his own practice.

Motivation and passion is what drives Mr. Lopera as he is willing to have a tangible impact in life. By collaborating with an entrepreneur and helping him to take the right decisions make him feel that way. Good listener it allow him to quickly find his client's needs to propose the right solutions.

He will accompany you in the simplification of your processes and free you from all your accounting worries.